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Sofos Robotics is an authorized reseller of Robotmaster® offline programming software for robots. Robotmaster®, a Hypertherm brand, is an offline programming software for robots that helps manufacturers maximize their productivity and profitability with an intuitive and powerful programming solution ideal for production runs of all sizes and varying part complexity as a result of integrated CAD/CAM functionality.

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Spray painting is a commonly used application for Robotmaster®. The user has the ability to completely customize the spray tip which includes diameter of spray area, distance from part, and much more. Users can view the spray painting in real time and change view type and color of the paint. Pairing Robotmaster's surface paths with spray painting is an excellent way to create a CAD/CAM path guaranteed to not miss a spot when painting.


Welding is one of Robotmaster's powerful applications. Create CAD/CAM paths along edges of STEP 3d models and watch as Robotmaster immediately optimizes the robot's movements for you. Users have the ability to customize the welding torch and start and end points for each weld. Pictured above is the welding of a feedscrew using Robotmaster. Combine your welds with a single or double axis rotary to create a fully automated weld process.


The contouring application of Robotmaster can be used for trimming, milling, cutting and much more. Use any STEP file to create CAD/CAM paths along the edge of your part. Robotmaster recently created material removal so users are able to visually see their operations on the part in real time. Material removal is pictured above on a part. Users are given the option to fully customize tooling, tooling size, path parameters, and TCP rotation.